A small selection of images from the series Contemplations on Darkness and Light

Blue Planet
This image was selected for exhibition as a projected image at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery as part of the L&LPS 125th Anniversary Exhibition, 2nd July-5th September 2010.

The final print version was only created in late 2011. A complementary image, Orange Light, accompanies Blue Planet, being similar in abstract form and vibrant colour.

For me, the interplay of colour, light and perspective allows this image to transcend time, place and space, hence the title.  However, this is purely my own interpretation. What also fascinates me, is the wide range of comments from different viewers and those who now have these images in  their collections, each with their own personal narrative.

 This is an open edition print, signed and mounted. Giclee printing on 100% cotton rag heavyweight paper, 310gsm. Fade resistant archival pigment inks. White core acid-free mount and backing.

The choice of heavyweight fine art photographic paper, Canson Platine, 310gsm, gives translucent colours and clear contrasts within the image.

Various sizes are available. Please contact Maria to discuss sizing and framing options, or to see other images in the range.

Curve Blur
This image was taken on a traditional film camera with 1000 ISO black and white film.  Since the construction of the new Curve Theatre, I had only ever seen beautiful vibrantly coloured images of that structure, often in a full panoramic view.  

With this image, I wanted to create a completely different feel, portraying Rafael Vinoly's innovative and imposing structure within a more timeless context, therefore in black and white.  I also selected a partial view, suggestive of the overall design, yet with the foreground of the square connecting the theatre within a shared public space.  This is accentuated by the fleeting movement of the passer-by, in contrast to the solidity of the permanent structures.

Curve Blur - very large (TOTAL LIMITED EDITION of 3)
Curve Blur -  large (approx. A3 paper size) TOTAL LIMITED EDITION of 15

Curve Blur - medium (approx. A4 paper size or less) TOTAL LIMITED EDITION of 25

Plus a maximum of 2 Artist's Proofs overall.

Fine art giclee prints, all hand prepared and cut. On fine art heavyweight paper, Hahnemulhe German Etching, 310gsm. Fade resistant archival pigment inks. 
Acid-free and lignin-free mount and backing.  Bespoke framing is available. Various glass front options are also available, up to Museum Glass.

Water and Light
The timeless play of water and light.

Bronze, winged lion fountain.

A Grade 2 listed monument, bronze exterior over a cast-iron base, designed by local architect Frances Hames, crafted in a Paris foundry, set on Scottish granite plinths, unveiled to the citizens of Leicester, England in September 1879; with a replica fountain in Oporto, Portugal, in admiration of the original design.A symbol of the longstanding international and multi-cultural connections of this Midlands city, which continue to this day.

Fixed within this cultural heritage, this image trascends its physical location, and symbolises the ethereal qualities of the elements.

This image forms part of a limited edition. There are two versions. One is the original colour version, which is printed more or less as it was captured in-camera, with almost no post production. Printed on French-made Canson Platine, a heavyweight paper with a slight sheen, the image has a contemporary feel. One comment from a buyer was that the image 'looked wet'.

The second version has been converted to a black and white image and is printed on creamy coloured, soft textured Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, giving rich, deep blacks and a timeless feel, reminiscent of a fine art painting.

Water & Light (colour) - medium (approx. A3 print size) TOTAL EDITION of 15

Water & Light (b&w) - medium (approx. A3 print size) TOTAL EDITION of 15

Water & Light (colour) - small (approx. A4 print size or less) TOTAL EDITION of 25

Water & Light (b&w) - small (approx. A4 print size or less) TOTAL EDITION of 25

Colour version -  Giclee printing on 100% cotton rag heavyweight paper, 310gsm. Fade resistant archival pigment inks.  White core (100% acid-free) mount and backing.
The choice of paper gives translucent colours and clear contrasts and definition within the image.
Black & white versionGiclee printing on Hahnemuhle German Etching heavyweight paper, 310gsm. Fade resistant archival pigment inks.  White core acid-free mount and backing. 
The choice of creamy, soft-textured paper gives a warmth and depth to the image, as if it had been printed centuries ago.

All giclee prints are hand prepared and cut, and come with bespoke framing. Various glass front options are available, up to Museum Glass.


Other images

This is only a small selection of the images I have produced. All images on this website are to provide an idea of my work and photographic art style. 

Images online can appear differently depending on the computer used, screen calibration, ambient lighting and various other factors. Furthermore, all images created by me and which I show online are at low resolution and all are watermarked and tagged. This is to impede unauthorised reproduction and protect copyright, including the exclusivity of the limited editions of my work. 

Online versions, especially when seen at low resolution, cannot do justice to the impact of seeing the real version with deep, vibrant colours, on heavyweight paper, where the fine detail of the texture adds to the overall viewing experience and effect. Gallerists and collectors always want to see the original work and many exhibition visitors have commented on the effect of seeing the  picture 'for real'.

There is no substitute for viewing an original print version, whether in a gallery or other exhibition.  To see a wider selection of images,  please contact

   Maria Bragoli on:     Maria Bragoli email HERE   
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In 2013, Maria Bragoli was chosen by a panel of arts professionals to be part of of Made in Leicestershire SELECT -   for 'unique & original art . . . the very best of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland's art'  
(Made in Leicestershire Select Directory, published 2014)

All images on this website are copyright of Maria Bragoli and cannot be downloaded, forwarded, saved or otherwise used without prior permission.