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The distinctive turquiose circle logo is an assurance that whoever uses it is part of this SELECT group, chosen by panel as: 
'the very best of  . . . Leicestershire and Rutland . .  artwork' 
 (quotation from: Made  in Leicestershire SELECT directory).

Maria Bragoli - part of SELECT Made in Leicestershire
Maria Bragoli - part of SELECT 
Made in Leicestershire

UPDATE: May 2018
The made in Leicestershire website is currently under restructuring. This means that my SELECT page, as well as all other pages on that website are unavailable for the moment. I am waiting for the web designers to get back to me with a date when that site will be back!
So - apologies - but the tiny URL below, which worked until recently is not  useable for now: - Sorry: THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

This gives an overview of my work, for fine art photography and music and production photography.

The SELECT logo, here and elsewhere on this site, is used by permission from Creative Leicestershire.

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