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    'Check out one of the county's artistic stars'

    'a vibrant collection of images'

    'with Maria's unique creative slant'

From: Loughborough Echo: 30 May 2012  and Charnwood News


Maria Bragoli is now a member of Made in Leicestershire SELECT - a specially selected group of artists, chosen by arts professionals and included in the Made in Leicestershire Directory. Representing: 

     'the very best of Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland's . . .art work'
     'unique and original art'   (From: Made in Leicestershire Select Directory 2014)


Maria Bragoli -  CONTACT

Fine Art Photography & Commissioned Photography

You are welcome to contact Maria for any further information about her fine art images and her other photographic work. This includes commissions, permissions, sales, gallery displays or for any other information. 

You can email Maria at: Maria Bragoli email HERE         This should open a new email link page directly. 

If not, please adapt the email as follows:         info (at)

Thank you!

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Please note that all images are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.
I only work with individuals and organisations that respect and adhere to copyright.



Loughborough Council
Councillor Paul Harley, Cabinet member for Leisure and Culture: 'We're delighted to welcome an exhibition from such an accomplished local artist to the town'  -  on my solo exhibition 'Beyond Contemplation' at Charnwood Museum, Loughborough.

        The online review can be found HERE

Charnwood Museum, Loughborough, 2012
'abstract and semi abstract images, some in vibrant and some in more gentle pastel-like colours, some darkly monochrome. They allow the viewer to move away from the day-to-day physical world around them, and instead, pause and reflect, contemplate, and enter their own world of feelings and imagination.'


 Leicester Mercury: Thursday 12th June 2014
The Leicester Mercury  newspaper featured my solo exhibition at the West End Gallery, Leicester, including an image provided by me of my newest large-scale work, shortly before it was due to be framed.  



Comments from Viewers and Collectors 

I have numerous comments over these years from collectors of my work and others who appreciate my work, although these comments are not detailed here. 
Comments derive from gallery exhibitions and curators, my one day meet the artist events or directly from private sales and commissions. All comments are kept confidentially, in that names of those commenting are not divulged, unless prior permission has been given, or comments are publicly available such as from newspaper articles.

Comments are also from commissioned shoots for production photography and fine art styled lifestyle shoots. Some comments will be put here but shoots for individual clients are private and in general, the images are exclusive to them. Clients sign a release agreement, which may include use of their comments, depending on the individual shoot.                                                     Maria Bragoli,  December 2015

Contemplations on Darkness and Light - Comments

The comments below are taken from my LCB Depot solo exhibition in 2011. To respect privacy, names are not included below.



COMMENTS -  Contemplations on Darkness and Light  (November - December 2011)

To coincide with the close of my first solo exhibition, on 6 December, here is a selection of comments on Contemplations on Darkness and Light, held at the LCB Depot, Leicester.

Comments from the Private View Comments Book:

... Intriguing, enigmatic images

... Beautiful collection!  Can’t wait to see more!

... Fantastic exhibition!  I really enjoyed your photographs!  Looking forward to your next one!

... Really interesting exhibition.  I love the Blue Mountain and the texture of the photos

... What a lovely exhibition.  I agree interpretation is best by the spectator … (the) swan – I can see this in my home!

... Think your compositions are thoughtful and, yes, can be interpreted

... What a great exhibition!

... A great collection of truly inspiring and thought provoking images.  Hope you continue with what you’re doing

...  a beautiful exhibition

... Very interesting techniques … I enjoyed and was impressed by the results

...  The images look so different now that they are on the wall … some beautiful images. 
      When someone asks me what I want for Christmas, now I know!

I did not leave a comments book out during the exhibition itself, only on the Private View. However,  a selection of further comments found their way to me by other means from viewers of the exhibition.

...  It’s brilliant!           

... Congratulations! We really enjoyed it and I was very impressed       

... Yes, seriously, your pics were amazing      

...  i took a peek at your photography last week when i was at LCB - looks amazing  

... I really enjoyed it. It’s really good!                                 

... Blue Planet rules! 

... Can you guess which of your photographs gave me the deepest impression?  The 'Swan Heart'. Even now, the image appears in my mind every time I think about it. Although your exhibition is not a large one, I could see your energy and the hard work you've done for it, from every detail. I like it very much. :) Are you planning to hold your second exhibition? If so, I want to see your new work that time. 

... I love the swan one. When I went nearer and saw the title … I understood ...  it was beautiful.  And the boxer.           

... It’s absolutely excellent!  And it’s your first exhibition. The title absolutely sums it up.  And the artist’s statement.  It’s damn good. I particularly liked the fountain in its different forms. 

         Thank you to everyone who has commented so far, whether your comment is included above, or kept elsewhere, in my memory. Thank you also for the appreciative comments about the website itself, which have been passed on to my talented webmaster!

         Maria,    6 December 2011