Contemplations on Darkness & Light

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Series - 'Contemplations on Darkness and Light'

Content and inspiration
Contemplations on Darkness and Light is an ongoing series of mainly abstract and semi-abstract photographic images inspired by the interplay between colour, light, shadow and silhouette. The four elements, either together or individually, as well as natural or created objects affect the imagery. Inspiration further stems from the mythology of animal and other forms across various cultures, such as Nordic legends, to the symbolism of colour, which can vary across different cultures.

Each image can evoke a specific mood or emotion, where the reality of the everyday world is forgotten or blurred as the viewer enters the realm of the imagination and momentary contemplation.  The full Artist's Statement can be seen at the base of this page.

First Showing
The core series of images were first shown in the eponymous solo show at the LCB Depot Gallery Cube, Leicester. Critical acclaim stemmed from that show and in the following year, I was invited to show at the Charnwood Museum Gallery, Loughborough, on two separate occasions, with Beyond Contemplation and Beyond Contemplation 2.

The Charnwood Museum exhibitions described my images as 'abstract and semi abstract images, some in vibrant and some in more gentle pastel-like colours, some darkly monochrome. They allow the viewer to move away from the day-to-day physical world around them, and instead, pause and reflect, contemplate, and enter their own world of feelings and imagination.'

Maria Bragoli  -  Beyond Contemplation 
Charnwood Museum Queen's Park Gallery, Loughborough

1st - 29th June 2012    August - September 2012

From the Loughborough Echo (30 May 2012), and Charnwood News:

  -  'Check out one of the county's artistic stars'

  - 'a vibrant collection of images'

  - 'with Maria's unique creative slant'

Councillor Paul Harley, Cabinet member for Leisure and Culture said, 'We're delighted to welcome an exhibition from such an accomplished local artist to the town.'

Charnwood Museum Exhibition
Maria Bragoli - Beyond Contemplation

Since then, I have concentrated on showing my work in selected private, commercial galleries, where my work has been very well received, both for the overall image concepts and for the quality of print and final finishing.

I continue to add to this body of work and have extended it to include some original artwork, whether in oils or acrylics.

I have completed a number of commissions from this series, including specific framing, and can discuss commercial as well as private commissions.

Artist's Statement

Below is the Artist's Statement taken from the Contemplations on Darkness and Light exhibition in 2011.

Maria Bragoli : Contemplations on Darkness and Light

24 November – 6 December 2011

LCB Depot Gallery, 31 Rutland StreetLeicester LE1 1RE

Contemplations on Darkness and Light, is a series of mainly abstract and semi-abstract photographic images inspired by the interplay between colour, light, shadow and silhouette. These images can transcend the time, place and figurative reality of the object captured, allowing a more personal interpretation from the viewer. 

The images explore the effects of differing colours on perception and emotion.  The colours, whether predominantly vibrant, subdued, reflected or absorbed, create a sense of inclusion, empathy, alienation or curiosity, depending on the viewer’s emotional reaction or personal perceptions. Contemplative reflection may present a divergence from everyday reality as one is drawn into the play of colour, shapes and shadows.

As well as the play of colour and light in the world around me, my work is inspired by pictorially expressive and visually stunning imagery, whether in painting or film, where there is a coherent and emotive use of colour.  This could involve a restricted use of tones of one colour or low key photographic effects, often in black and white.  In this way, a connection is made for the viewer, not only with the content, but also with the colours used to suggest emotion and mood.

Influences range from the abstract paintings of Rothko and Malevich, as well as the chiaroscuro technique of Caravaggio to the work of a number of cinematographers.  These include Vittorio Storaro’s The Last Emperor, Christopher Doyle’s Hero, Zhao Xiaoding’s House of Flying Daggers, Robert Krasker’s The Third Man and the camerawork on contemporary television series such as CSI Miami.

My techniques include low key lighting and backlighting to create mood; low and unusual angle shots to create a distorted perception of scale.  Prior to any technique is my own personal creative vision and the transformation of what I see before me.  How this is ultimately interpreted by others is part of the fascination of the image.

Images in Contemplations on Darkness and Light are presented either as signed limited editions on archival quality photographic paper or as open editions.



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