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In 2014, Maria Bragoli was chosen by a panel of arts professionals 
to be part of of Made in Leicestershire SELECT -   for 'unique & original art 
. . . the very best of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland's art'  
(Made in Leicestershire Select Directory 2014)


Here is a selection of questions I have been asked about looking after my prints once they have been chosen.

How long will your prints last?
My prints are created and finished to give years of enjoyment and do not form part of the disposable society. The photographic prints are produced with the highest quality materials and finishes, with natural materials such as the paper and inks. These are chosen to enhance the original print and if looked after correctly, with correct framing and display, the prints will last for decades.

I've heard that you shouldn't touch the surface of the print?
That's right! The surface of the prints should never be touched, like a fragile butterfly's wings - although the prints are actually more resistant!  The print should always be protected from contact with the use of a mount and certainly should never come in direct contact with the glass or plastic front of a frame. Saying that, if by chance, you get anything on the print, if you have only a mounted print, turn it upside down, to see if it dislodges; otherwise, very gently apply air to the area and see if that works. If not, contact me. Please note that all mounted images and framed prints are thoroughly checked before they leave me. 

I like the idea of seeing the image directly, without a glass fronted frame separating it. That's ok, isn't it?
Well, it's swings and roundabouts.  A glass or plastic front will reduce light, but only slightly, because of the reflection from ambient light. But, very importantly, a proper frame with mount will significantly protect the print from atmospheric pollutants, changes in humidity, temperature variations and many of the other factors which can cause the colours of the photographic pigment inks to vary. A proper frame is a print's little protective package. It's a bit like driving an open topped car such as a Jaguar XK Roadster with the hood down in the pouring rain, or leaving it out in the street in winter. Frames are best!

However, now, with advance technology, various types of glass exist which have almost no reflection of light and so allow you to see the image through the glass even more clearly. Amongst these, are Museum Glass and Conservation Glass. Conservation Glass is the more affordable of the two types and can enhance the viewing of an  image you wish to keep looking at for decades. I have samples of these different types of glass available and can discuss these options further.

I'd like to put your print over our fireplace.
Errh, I'd rather you didn't! Extremes of heat are really not good for a print, even when framed. An open fireplace - well, you can guess what I'd say about that! The same applies to anywhere where there is direct sunlight. Other not good areas would be over a radiator or in a bathroom. Imagine a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase and where you would put them - although your new print will last much longer! Also, try not to put prints too close to high heat emitting light bulbs, generally standard type incandescent bulbs.

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