Leicester Contemporary Art Group Exhibition - LGAG 2012 Annual Show

This is the last day of the Leicester Contemporary Art Group Annual exhibition. Each artist could exhibit a maximum of two works. As a newly joined member of this group, I have been very pleased with the feedback and comments that I have received. I am also delighted to be associated with a group of artists who produce such a high calibre of works.

The private view was packed and Don Hutson, an honorary member of the group and long-established artist, gave the main speech, showing an understanding of the sensibilities of artists and an awareness of the many reasons underlying the creative drive.

Louise Ellerington is the originator and driving force behind the LCAG. She encouraged artists to go to the West End Gallery during the two-week show so that visitors could not only view and buy the works but also meet and talk with the artists. This created a greater connection between artists and those who appreciate art, including when I went there. In my opinion, meeting the artists makes a gallery more interactive. In my imagination, it harks back to Mediaeval and Renaissance times, of the patron (as buyer) speaking directly with the artist, who has brought along a sample of their work to show.