Water and Light
The timeless play of water and light.  An image I took some years ago. 
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Leicester People's Photography Gallery

Leicester has now got its own dedicated photography gallery. I went down to the former Belvoir Street Library today and caught up with Ian Davies.

Ian is the curator of this new gallery, which will officially open on Thursday.  Within the space of six weeks, he has managed to take the idea of creating a photographic gallery and has made it happen.  That's pretty amazing!

This gallery will be a welcome addition to Leicester and the East Midland's existing art scene.


New website!

At last, after much discussion, advice and suggestions from friends, fellow artists and creatives, I have decided to have a web presence to reach a wider audience.  This can only add to the already existing and much valued off-line network that I have, which, at the moment, forms the core of my contacts, and will continue to do so.