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Fran Richards & Marcus Churchill Writer: Matt Beames Dir: Will Breden

The Arts 1 - My photographic style 

Emotion and Promotion
My style of photographing The Arts, whether dance, theatre, music, festivals, is another facet of fine art photography. I record the atmosphere of the moment, I tell the story. Through aesthetically selected images I evoke the expression and emotion of the moment, a fragment of action captured timelessly. Striking promotional shots of the final scenes sit side by side with grainy film noir style images of the creative turmoil backstage which results in those final, polished performances, whether theatre, music, dance or other arts.

1448 Leicester Theatre Festival  2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016
1448 Wolverhampton 2015

 THE PLAYS:  A Selection

1448 - 2013  /  1448 - 2014  /  1448 - 2015  /  1448 - 2016

Below is a series of images from the 1448 Leicester Theatre Festivals held at The Y Theatre, during 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and 1448 Wolves. I was asked to be production photographer for the 1448 Leicester festival from 2013, continuing to the 1448 festival in May 2015, 2016 and 1448 Wolverhampton 2015. (See notes further down regarding permissions and usage.)


Actors: Lesley Emery & Kierann Shah

Actor: Marcus Churchill
Actors: Stuart Reid, Lucy Haywood & Nick Gale

Nick Gale, Lucy Haywood & Sophie Murray

1448 - The Story
How It All Begins - Backstage, Launch Night & Rehearsals

Also dubbed 'The World's Quickest Theatre Festival', from its Seattle, USA origins, this intercontinental event  brings a mix of amateur and professional artists together over a 48 hour period. The result is a hive of creativity between writers, directors, lighting technicians, musicians, set and prop designers and actors, to produce 14 plays of 10 minutes duration, delivered to a live audience over two consecutive evenings. 

Photographing the 2013 event resulted in a series of promotional and artistic images that capture the atmosphere and process of creativity during those 48 hours, both behind the scenes and on stage. 

A seasoned 'Veteran', someone who has taken part in a previous festival, outlines the ideas and plan for the event, in this case, Jodi Paul Wooster, one of a number of actors who had flown over from Seattle, USA, to take part and hand over the baton to this 'virgin' Leicester festival.

At the initial artists' meeting, no-one knows what the plays will be about. The actors and other artists can suggest a theme, which is then drawn at random - for the Leicester event, out of a chocolate box! 

Once the theme has been selected, then comes  the moment of the blank page, the empty canvas, when the 7 writers go away, in their garrets or otherwise, to return the following morning with a 10 minute play each, ready typed up, so that the directors and actors can start rehearsals, ready to deliver that play to a live audience later that evening. So, no pressure there, then!

But before the writers go off to write, they have the chance to reflect. What story? What characters?

The following day,with scripts at the ready, directors and actors discuss the plays, actors learn their lines, rehearsals get under way, musicians prepare the scores, specific lighting is created, props are made and all the other elements that bring a play together. 


Actor: Tonia Campbell

Until at last, within the same day, the plays are performed to a live audience. 7 world premiere plays, lasting 10 minutes each - varied in tone and content - right up to the final bows. Then it starts all over again for the second day!  14 world-premiere plays, 48 hours, endless creativity and memories!

MORE IMAGES - Backstage, Launch Night, Props, Rehearsals & The Band
1448 Leicester 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016
Julia Damassa - at 1448 rehearsal

1448 Artists - USE OF PROMOTIONAL IMAGES - Please note: 

1.  All text and images are copyright of Maria Bragoli. Artists involved in the 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 productions of 1448 are welcome to provide a link to this page (and any other pages you wish on this site). Thank you! 

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3. For social media sites, eg, Fac-book, Twit-r, please simply provide a link to this page, since such sites usually take copyright and/or ownership of images uploaded there, and I do not give consent to that! (That's all in their T&C's, which I always read!)  By prior agreement, some artists have permission to use selected images on social media sites, while still providing a link to my website.

4.  Please note: I work professionally. I work only with artists with a professional attitude. I abide by copyright and expect the same of others. 

5.  All 1448 artists and crew have signed releases,arranged by the organisers. I can adapt or remove images on my website at artists' requests, by email. Images cannot be downloaded from my website but you can provide a link instead. I am not responsible for images added to social media or other sites.


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