'They need to be seen'

... a comment made by a visitor to one of the events I attended. So, I am pleased that my printed images are being seen by more and more people. Images look very different in print to when they are simply online. In print, the tonal quality of the colors and the texture of the fine art paper really come into their own. This is combined with seeing them at a size which complements the image, with expert mounting and framing. In effect, my fine art images are presented as they were intended to be viewed.



New work & 'Painting by Camera'

I have a number of themes which I wish to explore in the forthcoming year or further develop some existing themes. 'Painting by camera' is my term for many of the images that I create, combining my vision of an image, playing with light and using the camera as both the canvas and the brushes, where the final image is created in camera as much as possible.


Winter Contemporary Arts Exhibition

I am delighted to say that two of my images have been selected for inclusion in the Winter Contemporary Open Arts exhibition at the Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester. This event runs from 13th to 22nd December, with the private view on the evening of Monday 12th.


Contemplations on Darkness and Light

I would like to thank everyone who visited my exhibition at the LCB Depot, and the guests who attended the private view. Today was the last day of the exhibition and this has given me a chance to reflect on these last two weeks. I was fascinated by the reactions and perceptions of those who visited. The creation of the fine art photographic images in this collection was, for me, a two way process, and not complete until the images had been put on display for viewing. I found it enlightening to receive the comments and feedback from viewers, including the reactions of guests at the private view.

A selection of comments can be found on the Comments on an Exhibition page HERE 

These two weeks of the exhibition have flown by. It was a pleasure to have my first exhibition at the LCB Gallery. The gallery venue is superb, with well proportioned space and natural light and the staff there have been most helpful. I would also like to thank Pam and Lilianna for helping to create a delightful atmosphere at the private view and  ensuring that everything ran smoothly.  


Two events in one month!

While I've been preparing for my exhibition at the LCB Depot, starting next week, I have also just found out that I have been accepted to display my work at the Pedestrian Gallery for their All We Want For Christmas Fair on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December. 

In the meantime, you can find details about my LCB Depot exhibition, Contemplations on Darkness and Light, which takes place from 24th November to 6th December HERE


I am delighted to announce that I have been selected for a solo exhibition in the Gallery at the Leicester Creative Business Depot. 

You can find more details on my exhibition page HERE

Water and Light
The timeless play of water and light.  An image I took some years ago. 
More details on the images page.


Leicester People's Photography Gallery

Leicester has now got its own dedicated photography gallery. I went down to the former Belvoir Street Library today and caught up with Ian Davies.

Ian is the curator of this new gallery, which will officially open on Thursday.  Within the space of six weeks, he has managed to take the idea of creating a photographic gallery and has made it happen.  That's pretty amazing!

This gallery will be a welcome addition to Leicester and the East Midland's existing art scene.


New website!

At last, after much discussion, advice and suggestions from friends, fellow artists and creatives, I have decided to have a web presence to reach a wider audience.  This can only add to the already existing and much valued off-line network that I have, which, at the moment, forms the core of my contacts, and will continue to do so.