Contemplations on Darkness and Light

I would like to thank everyone who visited my exhibition at the LCB Depot, and the guests who attended the private view. Today was the last day of the exhibition and this has given me a chance to reflect on these last two weeks. I was fascinated by the reactions and perceptions of those who visited. The creation of the fine art photographic images in this collection was, for me, a two way process, and not complete until the images had been put on display for viewing. I found it enlightening to receive the comments and feedback from viewers, including the reactions of guests at the private view.

A selection of comments can be found on the Comments on an Exhibition page HERE 

These two weeks of the exhibition have flown by. It was a pleasure to have my first exhibition at the LCB Gallery. The gallery venue is superb, with well proportioned space and natural light and the staff there have been most helpful. I would also like to thank Pam and Lilianna for helping to create a delightful atmosphere at the private view and  ensuring that everything ran smoothly.  

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