Thank you - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's letter blog to Apple on 21 June, has touched a chord with artists who make a living, are trying to make a living or plan to make a living from their art.

It is our choice if we wish to do work pro-bono and we should not be at the dictates of large corporations to give work away for free if signing up to their sites or putting samples of our work there. Interestingly, the next day, on 22 June, AppleMusic changed their policy, saying that they will pay artists for work on their site. It has taken an artist of Taylor Swift's stature to bring about this change.

Julia Damassa, Storyteller, in rehearsal as the Bard
Thank you, Taylor Swift, for standing up for all artists, musicians, poets, actors, dancers and more.


Many social media sites can be useful for promotion, but the grabbing of contents rights (as in their Terms & Conditions) means that not everyone will subscribe to them. Taylor Swift's stance also means that members of the public are being made more aware that just because something is on the internet, it cannot simply be used and downloaded without due accreditation, etc.

                           Maria Bragoli 1448 Theatre Photography

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