Mayor Boris Johnson & Comedian John Ryan auction art for Bethnal Green Memorial, Forman's Gallery, London

Mayor Boris Johnson taking bids for Duffy's David Bowie picture, used as the cover for Bowie's Aladdin Sane album.
The auction at Forman's Gallery in London raised considerable funds for the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Memorial, with all proceeds going to the charity. Mayor Boris Johnson and the comedian John Ryan did a superb job of auctioneering the pictures and 
photographs, including photography by Duffy, Terence Donovan and Mike Pattison.

The main auction wall, prior to sale, with work by Ben Eine, Rupert Goldsworthy, Terence Donovan, Peter Brookes, Stephen Davids, Mary Swan and Maria Bragoli.

Described by the organisers as having an 'ethereal quality', I was also delighted that my picture was very well received in the auction, so adding to the Memorial funds. 

'When the Last Tree  . . .'  by Maria Bragoli, auctioned by comedian John Ryan at Forman's Gallery, London, for the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Memorial Fund.

The auction not only raised awareness and funds for the memorial, but was also a chance for many of the original inhabitants of Bethnal Green, now spread out around different areas of London and elsewhere, to come together to reminisce about the past, with a mixture of poignant memories, nostalgia, reflection on the social and economic changes over the decades, as well as future hope. 

Forman's Gallery itself is indicative of such changes.  With stunning views of the newly built Olympic Stadium just across the river, Lance Forman has transformed a family business into a venue of the highest calibre, with a superb restaurant on the first floor and the imposing interior of the gallery on the second floor. The heritage of the original business is maintained, with smoked salmon still prepared in the traditional manner on the ground floor, both for the restaurant and delivery to venues across London. 

More details about the auction are on the Bethnal Green Memorial Charity's website HERE

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