Maria Bragoli at the Y Theatre, Leicester

As part of the 'Y' Theatre's 14/ 48 Theatre Festival in Leicester towards the end of May, I was invited to exhibit a selection of my work, mainly abstract and semi-abstract. The festival mixes a variety of artistic forms, from theatre and music to fine art, promoting artistic and creative freedom and cross-fertilisation. From this brief, came a new abstract work from me, Hope, symbolic at both an individual and a collective level. This new work forms part of my ongoing series, Contemplations on Darkness and Light, which already includes images such as Blue Planet, Orange Light and Skal.

See the  Current Exhibitions page for venue and my exhibition details

The 14/ 48 Theatre Festival itself takes place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May, 2013. Originating in Seattle, USA, the festival at The Y Theatre in Leicester promises to be an improvised, spontaneous alchemy of theatrical creativity and performance. Throwing together a range of actors, directors, scriptwriters, musicians and other crew, both from Seattle, Leicester and elsewhere, they will have 24 hours to create and deliver 7 plays to a live audience. On the second day, the process starts again, with the creation of 7 new plays, performed to the second night's audiences.

Not only was I delighted to be asked to exhibit my work as part of this festival, I look forward to being around that weekend to record these creative improvisational sparks.


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