Wistow Trees on show

A selection from the Wistow Trees Collection is currently on display at the West End Gallery in Leicester. The limited editions are produced in small batches, giving a more individual character to the collection.  This means that different galleries have slightly different versions within the same limited edition. Galleries also show a selection of different framing options and these can be changed to suit individual preferences.

West End Gallery - Wistow Trees Collection -  Winter to Spring 2013
107 Highcross Street
Leicester LE1 4PH

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm

Within each limited edition, versions in different tints are available. The limited editions at the West End Gallery have soft indigo tints. Other tints are available within each edition, for example, a soft sage grey, a soft warm woody brown, soft mid-blue, a soft monochrome, or a stronger black and white tint. Please speak to Gillian Geary of the West End Gallery if you wish to see a selection of different tints.

Please note that since each tint is prepared in small batches, if it is not already on display in the gallery,there may be a short wait when ordering to allow me the time to produce a specific tone and size and then to have it professionally printed to my specifications. However, any image which is already in the gallery and in the tint you like, can be purchased immediately from there.

A variety of framing options is also available, including  contemporary off-white framing,  unwaxed, solid oak frames, and a soft cream wash in solid wood.

The Wistow Trees Collection was also on display in other galleries in autumn and winter 2012. These were time-limited shows and have now finished. The West End gallery has more long-term display of my work and this collection, as well as a range of mounted prints of some of my other work is currently available to view in that gallery.

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