Ellerington Fine Art - New Jewel in Clarendon Park

This Saturday 15th September sees the opening of a new gallery in Clarendon Park, Ellerington Fine Art, run by Louise Ellerington. This is just what Clarendon Park needs. With the finishing touches being put to the inside, the gallery already looks stunning from the outside.

To celebrate the event, this new gallery will exhibit works by a number of selected artists, following the theme of Beauty and Ruin. The final selection of one piece per artist was made by Scott Bridgwood. Both fine art paintings and fine art photography are included, displaying a range of interpretations from a number of established and emerging artists and fine art photographers.

My selected piece is a little different in style to my previous work and it will be interesting to see the reaction.

EXHIBITION & NEW GALLERY OPENING DAY:  Saturday 15 September 2012
                                                                        -  from 10.30am to all day
Visitors are welcome to drop by at any point in the day to view the superb collection of work on show.

Exhibition:  Beauty and Ruin
Dates:  Saturday 15 September - Saturday 13 October

Ellerington Fine Art
190 Clarendon Park Road
Leicester LE2 3AF

OPEN        Tuesday - Saturday  10.30 am - 1pm  and 2pm - 5.30pm
CLOSED   Sunday, Monday and Tuesday


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